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“I know mate, a creative agency with a media department. Who’d have thought.”

It’s Andrew Reinholds second day on the job where he’s just been appointed the head honcho in the Stanley St media department, which is in itself unique, as most advertising companies fashion themselves as either a ‘creative’ or ‘media’ agency, but rarely both. It’s this integrated approach which has caused the eyebrow raising amongst Reinhold’s peers. Integration is a capability Stanley St has had long, long before it was Stanley St.

“I know mate, a creative agency with a media department. Who’d have thought.” Laughs Reinholds when I mention it and wonder out loud if this is an idea well past its use by date, but Reinholds is emphatic: “Mate, integration is the new thing…

We’ve come full circle. You watch.” It’s hard to argue with Reinholds as it’s becoming pretty clear that he’s thought about integration a lot. “Splitting up two key advertising functions has never been in the client’s best interest, how could it be? The pace of change is so rapid the medium is the message and vice versa, and now more than ever,” says Reinholds.


But agency partners always work together, I argue, but Reinholds is having none of it. “Do they though? Really?” he challenges. “When you split media and creative into two different companies, you have two different agendas chasing and competing for the same client money, it’s hardly an agnostic approach“

It’s a good point but Reinholds isn’t finished. “Agility should be a key criteria in choosing an agency, because everything is getting done at such pace nowdays. You can’t run an agile agency model if you work apart. Simple. Continents move quicker,” says Reinholds, who seems to have quickly adopted the Stanley St candour.

As I contemplate this thought, he tries a softer tack to convince me. “Plus, if we’re separate, you miss out on those corridor conversations. That’s where the magic happens.”

I suspect quite a lot of magic has happened in the corridors that Andrew has roamed, but he’s not that interested in talking about the past. Like his new agency - with its broad and deep skill set arguably making it the most comprehensive advertising offering in New Zealand - Reinholds is very much focussed on the future.

“Integrating data driven insights based on evidence rather than assumption across our strategic, creative and media capability… mate that’s a huge sweet spot for us”, Reinholds assures me.

I ask if he really wants to share this information about where the agency is looking to invest its time and money. Of course he does, as it transpires. “Absolutely I do, we want everyone to know where we’re heading”, Reinholds grins, obviously knowing they’re a fair way down that path.

Clever really - and more typical Reinholds - always at least one step ahead.

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