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We’ve been helping the police with their inquiries.

Brooke and Josh work together.

They are what’s known in creative advertising as 'a team'.

Which they are. Very much so.

I’m halfway through having a chat with Brooke when she offers to go and grab Josh. In conversation, they both defer to each other a lot to make sure the others’ point is being heard.

It’s very charming. Very 2020.

It’s not contrived either, this is just their process. They talk. They go away and write. They talk some more.

Brooke and Josh are sharp as they are polite.

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They’ve just finished some lovely work for the New Zealand Police, it’s a recruitment campaign based on a simple insight from the client, who instinctively knew how powerful the tattoo thought could be.

“We found out that the most asked question by people wanting to be a cop is ‘can I have a tattoo’?” Brooke tells me, by way of explaining the idea that’s already another success for the boys and girls in blue.

It comes hot on the heels, so to speak, of another recruitment campaign done for the NZ Police at Stanley St.

When I mention this campaign and it’s recent Effie success, Brooke is quick to point out that work was done by another team - lest she or Josh are credited by mistake.

See. Polite and gracious.

It’s a couple of days after the launch and already the campaign has generated valuable ‘earned’ media, having appeared on ‘The Project’ the night before.

“These stories, they’re not just about what’s behind the ink - which is all about being an individual, but it’s also how a tattoo might even help an officer be better at their job.” Brooke explains.

I suggest this might be stretching it a bit until she shows me the story of an officer whose tattoo is in memory of her child.

It’s a moving and intensely personal moment, with a delivery made all the more potent by its restraint.

“Being able to talk about the tattoo helps her connect with people who are going through something similar,” adds Josh.

It’s a poignant moment as they describe what it was like hearing stories so raw and real.

“It’s humbling hearing these stories.”

Brooke is certain about that. Just as she is about the role of the client.

“The Ink beneath the blue, was a carefully worked out strategic thought that really did come from the client. They’d been nurturing it for a long time, so it was great to add our contribution.” It’s an admission that might make less confident creatives squirm a bit, but Josh and Brooke seem very comfortable working like this.

“It’s a collaboration. The best stuff always is,” says Brooke, before Josh adds:

“Truth is always better than fiction,”

Can’t imagine the client would have any argument there.

Brooke and Josh are two of the 150 new owners of Stanley St.
Stanley St. Open, for business.

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