Safer Gambling Aotearoa

Kaitiaki Brand Design

Minimizing Gambling Harm

Client Safer Gambling Aotearoa
Date Jul 2022

A Māori and Pasifika-led Approach to Minimizing Gambling Harm

Māori and Pacific Islanders are over-represented when it comes to gambling harm. We were appointed by Te Hiringa Hauora to work with them on a mission to create lasting change. When it comes to talking about our gambling, many within our communities feel whakamā; it’s something we’re traditionally not comfortable discussing. However, it’s only by talking about our gambling in a way that feels safe, that we’re actually able to overcome the shame and stigma that can be associated with it.

‘Me kōrero tātou | Tatou talanoa’ encourages open discussion about our gambling. By speaking with manaaki and alofa, together we can encourage each other towards a better tomorrow. Safer Gambling Aotearoa offers a new destination for us all to work towards. We’re hoping to avoid further stigmatising people who gamble by removing phrases, like ‘problem gambling’. With Safer Gambling Aotearoa we’re shifting the focus to a positive outcome, rather than telling our audience what to do.

For a Māori and Pasifika-led approach to minimising gambling harm, these cultures needed to be at the heart of our brand identity. So in partnership with artist Graham Tipene, we created a culturally relevant device that speaks to addiction, acknowledgement, acceptance and help.

“We knew we had to come at it differently for our people. Something authentic. Something we knew was tika, was right.” – Graham Tipene.

About the Logo Design

The logo is the centerpiece of the identity and stems from a circular tohu, representing a cycle of activity and the themes of manaaki, strength through adversity, and protection. It also features Te Ringa Akiaki, the helping hands of those who tautoko / support individuals to practise safer ways to gamble – or to completely stop if they choose to. We also created two artworks (one Māori and one Pasifika), that contain culturally specific iconography. Rather than dwelling on the sober reality of problem gambling, the Safer Gambling Aotearoa brand identity is designed to express energy and vibrancy. It reflects the world of enticing lights, colour and graphics associated with gaming, but shifts the focus to a positive outcome for all.

E ai ki te whakatauki nei “ma pango, ma whero, ka oti ai te mahi”- collaborating with not only our key partners and the client but also key stakeholders within the community were key to the success of this mahi. For once, whānau, particularly Māori and Pacific finally saw themselves in the work.