No Ordinary Brand Design

No Ordinary

Client CoShield
Date Jul 2022

Let’s be honest, nitrile gloves are boring. They’re ordinary. And you happen to sell nitrile gloves. How do you make a nitrile-glove brand interesting?

Except the places these gloves go are anything but. Downright fascinating when you think about it – affixing crowns, building homes, arm-deep in chest cavities or engine bays, scooping rocky road or holding priceless artefacts. So actually, maybe they’re not ordinary. 

So we got to thinking. No ordinary people, doing no ordinary jobs, need No Ordinary gloves.

People doing extraordinary jobs need extraordinary gloves of the highest quality. And these gloves are just that. But they are still nitrile gloves afterall, so we decided to keep things simple.  

We created a stripped-back, coherent brand to help No Ordinary stand out, starting with the name. The name No Ordinary can run at the start or end of sentences, allowing us to shoe-horn it into every available pun. Handy. The logo is set in Polysans, with deep inktraps reminiscent of the gaps between fingers. Industry relevant colours paired with black and white help with quick visual distinction and accessibility. Clean typographic layouts keep things clear – people are in a rush after all. Studio photography aids in quick identification and brings out a joyful personality. This is complemented with location based portrait photography, allowing us to tell No Ordinary stories from No Ordinary people.


The client loved it so much that they took it half-way around the world to run there too – turning a local brand into a global one. No Ordinary gloves are trusted and relied upon by professionals around the globe in the medical, dental, automotive, food and trade sectors, doing No Ordinary jobs. Now that’s interesting.