Rebel Sport

Sophie Pascoe

Uncovering inspiring stories of Kiwi athletes.

Client Rebel Sport
Date Jan 2017

An increasingly inactive population meant that Rebel Sport had to try a new approach. Collaborating with world-famous motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, they came up with ‘What’s Your Why?’ to show Kiwis that success requires more than talent, opportunity or hard work, and instead has to be driven by a deep-seated, purpose or 'why'.

Sophie Pascoe is a testament to this methodology.

After a devastating accident at just two years old, Sophie Pascoe has risen to the highest level of achievement across all swimming disciplines becoming our most awarded Paralympian. She has demonstrated to Kiwis what is possible, and motivating them to get up and chase their own goals.

The ‘What’s Your Why?’ campaign uncovers the inspiring stories of Kiwi athletes and the 'why' that has fuelled their success.

We collaborated with world-famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

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