Shape your ACC

A new feedback platform where the public can have their say.

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Client ACC
Date Sep 2018

We helped ACC design and build a new levy consultation website ‘Shape your ACC’. It’s a feedback platform where anyone can have their say on proposed changes to ACC levies and new initiatives they’ve been considering. The public can understand what changes ACC is proposing and tell us what they think by indicating whether they agree or disagree with ACC’s thinking or providing detailed feedback.

The main goal of the website was to see an increase in insightful submissions from customers which genuinely inform change. Over the four week consultation period, they wanted to reach 5,000 pieces of feedback from the public.

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Design and user testing

We spent the first few weeks understanding the motivations, barriers, pain points and behaviours of people who may be using the site. We then designed the new site based off these findings. Along the way we ran user testing sessions with customers to validate ideas and functionality and then to refine and iterate along the way.

Co-locating with the team

During the build of the website, Joe (our web developer) spent a majority of his time co-located at ACC working alongside the other ACC developers. Having the ability to turn around and ask a question and get an immediate response really helped speed up the build and resolve any issues on the spot.

The platform received over 4,000 pieces of feedback in the first week.

Designing and building for the future

One key part of success for this platform was the need for it to be future-proofed, and not just designed around levy consultation (which happens every two years). ACC needed this website to be used in the future for both new consultations and other discussions that would require feedback from the public.

This became a key focus which influenced both our design and build of the website. From a development perspective, it was important for us to make sure that whoever would be uploading and managing content day to day, had the power to edit all of the content on the website. They could easily add, remove and rearrange sections and tools as needed. This led to a modular block system being designed and implemented - giving full control to the content admins.

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“Everyone is really impressed with the site and stoked with the engagement. I couldn’t be more happy with how this is going, full credit to our design, dev and testing team for making this happen!”


The impact

In the first day of the site going live and consultation opening, the website had:

  • Total visits: 17,368 page views and 7,341 users (compared to the first day of the previous consultation: 6,274 / 834)
  • Total submissions: 1,302 (compared to the first day of the previous consultation: 142).
  • Levy consultation received 4,000 feedback submissions in the first week (from their total goal over the month of 5,000).


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