Tenancy Services

Tenancy UX review

Discovery and research to understand user's motivations and barriers.

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Client Tenancy Services
Date Apr 2018

Tenancy Services wanted to increase customer self-service and knowledge by driving more customers to their website and making it the source of choice for the latest information. They needed to understand how they could improve their website to meet changing audience and business needs.

As part of the discovery phase we needed to first understand who their audience was, then their context, expectations, motivations and pain-points around the existing tenancy.govt.nz website. By understanding their customer’s needs and drivers, we could then focus on exploring ways to meet and address these needs that align with our internal needs and business goals.

What we did

  • A UX review of the existing tenancy.govt.nz website
  • Defined the key audiences, their needs and wants
  • Ran interview-based user research with all audience types on the current experience
  • Made recommendations based on findings
  • Prototyped concepts and  solutions and then tested these with all audience groups
  • Put together a report summary with validated recommendations, including design and development effort, and how each recommendation would impact users.

Based on our recommendations, Tenancy Services then carried out the development work to the website. They were able to prioritise by the business needs versus budget and had a complete picture of the amount of effort involved to make well-informed decisions.

We wanted to give the website the best chance of success by focusing effort on the aspects that are most important and deliver the most value for both the business and the customer.