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Client Tourism NZ
Date Mar 2020

When New Zealand closed its borders in March 2020 we kept the virus out, but also the tourists. A group that made up over 10% of our national GDP. 

Tourism New Zealand pivoted. We asked Kiwi's to ‘do something new’ on their holidays in an effort to make them travel more like international tourists and disrupt our national obsession of going back to the bach.

But to get Kiwi’s to do something new, we needed to do something new with our media approach.

So, we launched differently, like a record label would. Creating an earworm that burrowed into the minds of New Zealanders, and encouraged domestic travel in a new way.


  • 81% of New Zealanders recognised the campaign
  • Perceptions of the variety NZ offers for a holiday increased by 10% where is this stat from?  If it’s the below graph (KANTAR, Dec-Jan DVTR) you could quote +7% from May 2020.
  • In the two months following the campaign, we saw a phenomenal YOY increase in domestic Tourism spend, which we can directly attribute to the campaign
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