Saving Auckland from drought

Client Watercare
Date May 2020

In May 2020 Auckland’s dam levels were at an alarmingly low level. Total water storage was at 42.5% with the average for the same time of year being 76.6%. Watercare needed to encourage New Zealanders to realise the seriousness of the issue and to start saving more water. 

Our insight was that Aucklanders assumed they were great at saving water, but in actual fact they weren’t. On top of that we didn’t know Auckland was in trouble and anyway we were heading into winter and so we assumed the rain will solve any issues. By creating an agile creative framework that could shift between support and restrictions messages, depending on the weather, meant we smashed our targets.


  • 75% believed Auckland is in a drought (vs 58% pre-campaign )
  • 83% of Aucklanders positively changed their water consumption behaviour 
  • 68% believe saving water is important (vs 36% pre-campaign)
  • Increased searches for Water Savings and Restrictions when campaign was in market
  • Aucklanders saved 2.2 million m3 of water YOY
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