We speak builder

Independent Timber Merchants

Client ITM
Date Apr 2023

Independent Timber Merchants

The campaign centres around ITM staff demonstrating how nobody understands builders better than they do by dramatising how well they know and in many cases foresee their Client’s needs. It brings to life how ITM makes builder’s lives easier, a key aspect of what sets them apart.

Our Market Research validated that expertise, best-in-class service and trust are areas where ITM outpace their competitors. This campaign leverages the key insight that Builders see a massive benefit in suppliers anticipating their business needs and that the foundation of a trusted relationship is mutual understanding.

We partnered our creative idea with a media recommendation that was driven by a deep understanding of how tradies go about their day. Using playful context and tactics to spark banter amongst them, yet also put a spotlight on the profession.

It’s hard yakka out there for Builders. Material supply, costs, paperwork, staffing shortages and demanding Clients - they have a lot on their plates. This campaign shows them that ITM have their backs, that partnering with a supplier that gets them has never been more critical, saving them precious time and therefore money. It was important to us that we showed this with tongue in cheek humour because we know Builders aren’t looking for pity. They play and laugh as hard as they ply their trade and the relatable tone of this campaign reflects that spirit.