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Client Wellington Free Ambulance
Date Jul 2019

Wellington Free Ambulance got in touch with us to help with a UX review of their current website. The review involved looking over all aspects of the site and assessing how we could make it easier to use and more focused on their message.

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The challenges

Their existing system sat within WordPress, a highly effective but not overly customisable website creation tool. The way the team at WFA posted content and set up the site was highly reliant on WordPress, so we didn’t want to break their approach to publishing content.

Donations are what drives Wellington Free Ambulance, so improving this functionality was pivotal to delivering a site that works for them. We worked with Westpac and Salesforce provider Gravity Labs to provide a highly customised donation experience within the site.

Our approach

We started the process by reviewing their existing website and understanding how we could simplify their site structure but still keep the content they’d already created. We could then look to consolidate the sections into a more accessible layout, making it easier to jump between sections and give the user a better idea of where they are on the site.

We also looked at how we could simplify the donation experience. Researching effective ways to generate donations from websites was another large part of the project.

The tech

Part of what made this such an effective outcome was how easily we were able to transition their site and content over to SilverStripe. SilverStripe is a CMS provider that we partner with, that also delivers one of the most robust, secure and well supported hosting solutions - Cloud Platform. Cloud Platform means our developers can release updates and features to the website in a controlled and simple fashion, dramatically reducing effort related to managing environments and servers.

Wellington Free Ambulance

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