New Zealand Police

75 Years of Women in Police Identity

A fitting tribute to the women in blue.

75 Years NZP 3
Client New Zealand Police
Date Jun 2016

We were asked to create a brand that encompasses forward-thinking and recognises the contribution of Policewomen over the last 75 years.

The idea was simple. To be a badge of honour, recognising and honouring women in Police. For this, we merged the universal female gender symbol into the plus icon to make the 75 years brand mark.

The iconic Batternburg pattern from Police uniform nods to their heritage and the skewed angle of the mark creates a sense of movement and forward-thinking. We then overlaid vibrant blues and reds from the Police colour palette which ties the logo mark directly to the master brand.

Police photography reminds people that the celebration is a fitting tribute to the women in blue, past, present and future.

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