Auckland Transport

The Most Dangerous Stunt in the World

Distracted driving awareness campaign with Zoë Bell.

Client Auckland Transport
Date Jan 2019

Too many people die on New Zealand roads every year due to distracted driving and the problem is only getting worse, with distracted driving accounting for 26 deaths and 277 serious injuries between 2013 and 2018 in Auckland alone.

Auckland Transport teamed up with us and an iconic Hollywood stuntwoman, New Zealand’s very own Auckland-raised Zoë Bell, to spread the message that ‘no one is invincible’.

"But I’ll tell you one thing that I definitely won’t do… and that’s drive distracted"

⁠— Zoë Bell

The campaign we created, and aptly named ‘The Most Dangerous Stunt in the World’, features Death-Proof actress Zoë, taking a selfie video, whilst driving a high-performance Mustang car around her old neighbourhood in Auckland City.

During filming, the footage shows Zoë sipping her coffee, applying lipstick and checking her appearance in the mirror, as she discusses her varied stunt career with the camera, she effectively becomes more and more distracted from the road.

The big reveal comes at the end, when Zoë states "But I’ll tell you one thing that I definitely won’t do… and that’s drive distracted”, as she turns the camera to reveal that she is actually sitting in a stationary car, being towed on the back of a truck.

‘The Most Dangerous Stunt In The World’ amassed hundreds of thousands of views within hours on Bell’s personal Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, accompanied by a steady stream of audience feedback.

National news and entertainment stations have run coverage of the campaign and the important message has resonated with people around the world, including views from actress Juliette Lewis and popular English singer KT Tunstall.