Thank You Button

Making NZ roads a happier place to drive.

work bp thank you button
Client BP
Date Jun 2019

New Zealand is a nation with over 4 million cars and our roads are heavily congested. Most New Zealanders think they’re courteous drivers, yet over 70% have experienced road rage in the last 12 months, new research on driver behaviour shows.

Inspired from long daily commutes and experiencing firsthand how a simple gesture of thanks can make you feel good when driving in gridlock, BP wanted to make every day brighter for all New Zealand drivers, with the introduction of the BP Thank You Button. A simple device that fosters goodwill on our roads by creating a way for courteous drivers to say thanks to each other. 

Placed in your car’s rear window the green thumbs up light is activated via a button attached to the vent on your dash. So now when someone does something nice, like letting you merge into their lane, you can simply press the button to let them know you appreciate it.

BP Thank You Button resampled v2