Department of Corrections


Live online Q&A sessions with Corrections employees.

Client Department of Corrections
Date Feb 2018

Prison has always been a sensitive topic. So, when it came to busting perceptions and depicting what it’s really like to be a prison officer, the recruitment team at Corrections NZ had a big challenge ahead.

Due to restrictions and sensitivity around showing life behind bars, Corrections was a hidden world. This led to a number of barriers for potential recruits – from fear and safety concerns to a lack of confidence and knowledge about the job. 

While we couldn’t show what it’s like behind the wire or physically get our people together with the public, we could work together to give prospective officers a glimpse. To do so, we connected them with real prison officers, answering questions and addressing concerns via our purpose-built, secure live digital broadcast platform with real time Q&A interactivity.

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Due to sensitivities and concerns around former prisoners and connections using the bespoke live platform to target staff, it was vital we took precautions, so our digital experts and Corrections officers worked side by side to instantly moderate and filter questions as they came in. This approach allowed us to negate risks and fully focus on showcasing the role’s many positives.

We advertised the event in social and media channels, receiving overwhelming engagement with over a thousand Q&A sign ups. In total, 450 questions were answered at the live-streamed event, generating hundreds of officer applications within days. 

There are 9,000 Corrections staff who now feel they have a voice and that what they do matters.

By putting a face to the role, we opened the lid on a sensitive topic, humanised the job, allayed concerns and showed potential recruits that our team was warm, empathetic, supportive – and nothing like the movies.

Interest and Engagement

100s of applicants within 48 hours of release

Over 1000 sign ups

450 questions answered

Unprecedented engagement with high quality prospects


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