Lolli Popcorn Chicken

The post-jab lollipop NZ deserved

Client KFC
Date Jul 2022

Lolli-Popcorn Chicken - you deserve it!

Stanley St created an advertising campaign for KFC in an effort to encourage more people in the country to get vaccinated against Covid-19. With New Zealand's vaccination rate lagging behind other countries in the OECD, the government set a goal to double vaccinate 90% of the eligible population. In order to incentivize people to get their vaccinations, Stanley St and KFC created Lolli-Popcorn Chicken. The post-jab lollipop NZ deserved, KFC-style! Easily redeemed by presenting a vaccination card or sticker at a local KFC restaurant.

The campaign, which ran for two weeks, was supported by a strong social media, radio, and newspaper presence. As a result, almost 20,000 snack boxes were given away with almost 99,000 Lolli-Popcorns.

New Zealand exceeded its vaccination target, reaching 90% ahead of schedule. A feat we’re definitely claiming responsibility for. 

Suck on that, Covid. 

The campaign was well-received by both the media and KFC fans. Overall, the Lolli-Popcorn Chicken campaign was a resounding success for Stanley St, KFC, and the people of New Zealand. It offered a delicious reward for those who took the important step of getting vaccinated.

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, campaigns like this one serve as a reminder of the importance of vaccination and the role that individual actions can play in protecting public health.