Lolli Popcorn Chicken

Client KFC
Date Jul 2022

With Covid on our doorstep, and the lowest vaccination rate in the OECD, New Zealand set itself a pretty big goal: to double vaccinate 90% of the eligible population, fast. The hitch? Not only were kiwis slow to roll up their sleeves, they weren’t even getting a lollipop at the end.

So to encourage kiwis to get vaccinated, we created Lolli-Popcorn Chicken – the post-jab lollipop NZ deserved, KFC-style. All people needed to do was show their vaccination card or sticker at their local KFC, for the delicious reward of a free  Lolli-Popcorn Chicken snack box.

Almost 20,000 specially-made snack boxes with almost 99,000 Lolli-Popcorns were given away over the two week period, thanks to our strong social, radio and newspaper campaign.

Not only did we capture the attention of the media, and our fans – but more importantly, New Zealand hit its 90% vaccination target ahead of schedule. A feat we’re definitely claiming responsibility for. 

Suck on that, Covid.