Rebel Sport

Rebel Sport Christmas

Christmas effectiveness

Client Rebel Sport
Date Jul 2022

The Challenge

Christmas is a manic time for everyone, there’s family, friends and extended family to shop for. Not to mention  organising holidays and time off. For a relaxing time, it can be quite stress-inducing. Even more so on a retail level. With extremely high forecasts and an over-saturated market of jingles & Christmas carols.

The challenge for Rebel was to get in the Christmas spirit, without playing into the typical messaging.


We’re all working chaotically to get everything finished leading up to our Christmas breaks, so we don’t often have the time to do our shopping. Which often means we’re rushing around at the last minute to get our shopping done.

What better way to drive sales during this time, get people in the mindset of Christmas as well as shoot a story that the Rebel customer can relate to over 6 week sale period. Our goal was to change the consumer's behaviour from saving all of their shopping to the last minute and encouraging them to save stress by shopping in the time leading up to the big day.


The strategy behind the campaign lead to a messaging, tone and theme for each retail event that gradually became more urgent as it got closer to Christmas. While the footage matched Santa’s journey and progress to the final day.

Big Idea

Santa is notoriously known as a plus size, jolly guy, snacking on cookies and milk. But delivering presents to all those people is a tough job. Santa is going to need to be Christmas fit for the job this year. By the end of the campaign Santa is going to be a beast!

With a wide scope of media support, and collaboration with our social team Culture. We were able to create an engaging story, and even involve the viewer with Santa’s progress, by offering workouts, challenges and recipes to follow Santa on his fitness journey and find your own win along the way.


  • +1 Reach achieved for the Christmas TV Sales activity with all flights achieving planned goals
  • 5.8mil completed video views, which is +6.77% on booked activity
  • The 60” ran for 3 weeks as an awareness driver on TV, and achieved a +1 reach of 32% and freq of 2.1
  • The 60” ran for 3 weeks as an awareness driver on OLV, with 102,039 reach and 399,700 completed video views
  • Digital Display had 9.63M impressions which was +24.55% on planned activity
  • Social conversion rates - 44.81 ROAS which is +206% YoY
  • Social content - had an engagement rate of 0.45% which is +462% YoY
  • Google Shopping online ROAS - $13.88 which is +36% YoY
  • Google Shopping online ROAS - $14.66 which is +46% YoY
  • Text ads online ROAS - $12.94 which is +24% YoY