Swim Like A Fish

Client Sealord
Date Mar 2017

In seafood Sealord is the most well-known brand. So to grow from here we needed to increase share of total protein and strengthen brand salience. To do this we needed to drive an emotional engagement with our audience.

Fish is the healthier protein option. The more we can include it in our diet in place of other proteins, the healthier we will be. In short, you are what you eat. To dramatise this we showed that eating fish helps you swim like a fish.


  • 'Swim like a fish' ad achieved higher levels of Recognition and Likeability previous advertising
  • Positive increase across Trustworthiness (10%), humorous (10%) and Natural (8%) amongst others
  • Sealord has grown monthly penetration, achieved market share targets, increased average price and significantly improved free awareness, brand associations & brand preference.
  • Total Sealord sales increase by 6.9% in value and 5.8% in volume on the back of stronger pricing +1.0%
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