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Te Rau Kapo

Creating a digital prospectus.

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Client Waikato Tainui
Date Dec 2018

Te Rau Kapo's mission is to help guide and support Māori to find careers that match their interests and passions by providing them with study options that best suit them while supporting each individual's needs.

We helped Te Rau Kapo to take the existing prospectus and transform it into a user-focused digital platform. The majority of their audience are online users, so it was important to make sure they were meeting their audience's need by providing prospective information that was easily accessible and in their preferred format.

Creating a digital prospectus

What we did:

  • reviewed existing documentation, identifying the key elements that could be translated into a digital experience
  • by pulling apart the document we were able to create a content hierarchy that matched up with the main goals of the experience: inform, inspire and drive action
  • identified user and business goals
  • explored and experimented with ways of displaying content in digestible ways
  • delivered a responsive user-focused platform across all devices.

We developed this site in Silverstripe, then shared it with Te Rau Kapo’s website hosting provider to integrate with their existing provider.

Te Rau Kapo

TeRauKapo Prospectus