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Client Department of Corrections
Date Jun 2019

The project started in late 2018. Corrections identified that their current websites and multi-step candidate experience needed to be improved. They were keen to take a step back, look at what candidates needed and reshape a careers platform that better communicated the mission of Corrections, what life was like working at Corrections and the full suite of roles that Corrections have to offer.

Qualitative and quantitative research

As part of the wider work for Corrections we did a thorough discovery and research phase which informed a lot of our thinking for the new site. This involved reviewing existing research, data and analytics, running surveys, focus groups, stakeholder workshops, creating personas and journey mapping. 

All of this gave us a firm understanding of who their audience is, their goals, barriers and motivations.

Creative workshopping

We ran a number of co-design workshops to bring together the best design experience and business needs. This helped us come up with unique solutions and ideas that worked for everyone.


Prototyping and user testing

We love to build things, lots of things, and then have people test, break and critique. Observing people as they explored the website prototype, we could quickly identify what areas were working well and where we could make improvements.

The “secret recipe”

Throughout our discovery phase for this project, we looked at and learned from other careers site both competitor sites and those that were pushing the boundaries and doing things with a fresh perspective. We wanted to get some inspiration, who was doing some cool innovative things and what structural trends made up the journey of a great careers site.

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A focus on 'me'

Throughout the research and interview phases of the project, one of the main trends that came out was the importance of having a platform that functions to each individual’s need. 

This was a balancing act, creating ways for users to get to their goals was one of the biggest challenges of the project and one that heavily informs how users navigate the site.

Scannable content layout

User interviews told us that people really value careers content that is quickly consumable and written in a way that speaks to them, not at them. This helps build a more approachable, human connection with what they’re reading, and they can quickly find the information they need.

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Bounce rate on the website has decreased from 80% to 35%

The impact

  • Bounce rate on the website has decreased from 80% to 35%
  • Time on the page has increased from 2.5min to 3.5min
  • The site has one centralised source of information for all careers
  • Significant increase in user tracking to understand drop off points and barriers
  • Site is fully responsive and accessible


Bounce rate


Time on page

Overall we learned that careers sites are way more than just ‘viewing a list of vacancies’.  They need to be people-centric experiences that are highly adaptive and meet the needs of a range of individual requirements.

Careers at Corrections

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