World Masters Games

Go For Gold Book

A graphic design and cultural context project.

WMG book1
Client World Masters Games
Date Jan 2017

We were asked to create this piece of corporate communication in the form of a book, to challenge all New Zealand sports organisations to enter and be represented at the World Masters Games. The idea - 'Go for gold' (have a go) – the inspiration to enter and simply related to the pinnacle of winning or the reward for doing your absolute best.

The graphic design and cultural contexts for this project are pivotal to the design. The circular medal shape (central design idea). Gold, silver, bronze with inks and foil, native New Zealand koru plant spirals and sporting references like track and field lines. All the graphic components combined enhance the sporting roots of the book. Finishing the document is a gold disc with key info to enter the Games.

The World Masters Games is the largest multi-sport event in the world, held in Auckland, New Zealand, 2017. The event is open to athletes from the ages 35-100. For them, you’re a champion whether you win or have a go.

The thought of your sport competing on the world stage is huge. The opportunity to win gold representing your country is irresistible.

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